Best Keto Diet Fat Sources

Best Keto Diet Fat Sources

People often refer to fatty foods as something unhealthy and unwanted in a diet. Although fat certainly adds more flavors to our meals, many stay clear of it simply because of its reputation in causing heart problems. However, eating fat may not be harmful to our body. In fact, the  ketogenic diet promotes more intake of natural fat because of its good benefits to our health.  When you are on a low-carb diet, eating natural fat is a brilliant way to discover the calories you need. You don’t need to worry about breaking your diet when you are using the best keto fat sources for your keto meals.

1. Natural Oils

Natural oils, including olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil and peanut oil, are good keto fat sources that are healthy and can add different varieties of flavor to your food. If you are tired of eating dry salad or steamed food everyday, cook them instead using these natural oils to add more texture and flavor. Your fish, chicken, or vegetable are not boring again for sure.

2. Full Fat Dairy Products

Cheese, milk, creamers, butter and yogurt are just some of the low-carb dairy food products rich in natural fat. However, make sure not to buy the fat-free or low-fat variants that are heavily promoted on the grocery stores. To maximize the nutrition you will get for your money, choose the full fat dairy products. They are more filling, plus they also contain calcium, protein, vitamin D and other nutrients that can make the body stronger and healthier.

Full Fat Dairy Products

3. Nuts

They usually are small, but nuts are one of those big keto fat sources. Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, macadamia and peanuts (although technically they are legumes) are rich in healthy fats. Nuts also have protein, fiber, magnesium, and vitamin E. Not only are nuts good for our health, research also found that they help lower risks with certain diseases, like heart conditions, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

4. Fatty Fish

Fish is a meat that is widely recognized to be really healthy, but don’t just buy any fish available. Find the people that are rich in healthy fats. Sardines, salmon, mackerel and trout are excellent choices if you want to receive a good dose of Omega-3 fatty acids. Include any of them in your weekly set of meals you could lower chances of getting heart disease, dementia, depression and other diseases.

5. Avocados

Avocado is also among the list of great keto fat sources that you need to consider. It is the ideal choice for vegetarians to have the much needed protein, potassium, and fiber. It also contains less carbohydrates than other fruits, and has the healthy amount of calories that you’ll require daily to satisfy your hunger.

6. Whole Meat and Eggs

These meat products are not very popular due to fats and cholesterol amount they contain. People often just go for lean meat or egg whites to get protein and avoid fats. However, consuming whole meat and eggs is actually more beneficial than you think. Egg yolks are filled with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are essential to our body. Whole meat has natural fats that can make your meal tastier plus its much cheaper than a lean-cut meat. More importantly, whole meat and eggs are very filling and will prevent you from consuming more calories.

7. Fatty Seeds

This is another proof that great things come from small packages. Most seed calories are healthy fats. Also, they are one of several good keto fat sources; there is also fiber, protein and other nutrients. Studies show that eating chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and others will help lower blood pressure and prevent body inflammation.

There’s no reason to back off from fats anymore. Another highlight is no reason that you be hungry while on a low-carb diet. These keto fat sources are very healthy options to maintain your diet. They will keep your tummy satisfied and will give your much needed energy every day.

fatty seeds

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